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About Counseling

We all get stuck, have blockages and having trouble seeing things clearly from time to time. Sometimes, we need a sounding board, a reflector, an observer, an impartial listener. You have struggled and suffered from emotional pain. Often, this pain originated in relationship to others in the past and gets perpetuated into your present and future. Together, we will reflect on your situation and your patterns. We will delve into you and look at your true self. We will also look at that part of you which is suffering. Suffering, whether emotional or physical, is experienced in the mind. We take a look at your thinking patterns. The mind can feel like a run-a-way train with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Through mindfulness and reflection, you will gain self awareness to help you discover the blockages and change your patterns. 


Copper doesn’t know it’s copper until it’s changing to gold.

Mixed feelings about therapy?

Most people have mixed feelings about starting therapy. You have probably tried self-help books, talking with a friend, or using will power to tough it out. Perhaps things get a little better. But if the anxiety, depression, stress or relationship conflict doesn't go away, it can feel like defeat or failure to reach out to a professional. The truth is that when patterns become stuck, it requires the skilled and compassionate interaction with a therapist to identify the source of the problem, learn some new tools and practice enough so you can return to your life with confidence.


Heart Wisdom Counseling

510 NE Roberts Ave #200

Gresham, Oregon 97030


(503) five one six- 1825 phone


Monday thru Thursday 



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